My WhatsApp number is banned? [Solved]

My WhatsApp number is banned? [Solved]

My WhatsApp number is banned and showing “Your number is banned from using WhatsApp.

Contact support for help”. My WhatsApp account banned, what do I do now?

I have stopped doing everything and spending before Google search and YouTube videos, to induce an answer. I have tried many ways however found no technique that works properly.

Hey charms, you to have the same problem.

Don’t worry, we are here to unravel your WhatsApp integration.

In this article, you’ll understand the mistakes you created leading to WhatsApp banned.

After discussing, why WhatsApp has banned your account, we’ll discuss the way to recover your account.

Let’s get started.

Why Your Number Is Permanently Banned From WhatsApp?

As WhatsApp is an instant e-messaging app used by a lot of people these days, there are several possibilities that anyone can misuse it. If they think that your account activity constitutes an abuse of our system and violate terms & conditions, your account is quickly banned from using WhatsApp.


There is a particular reason until you violate in following WhatsApp strict rules. Lack of reading instructions before making WhatsApp is that the 1st mistake you probably did.

We have written some reasons why WhatsApp banned you.

Here are some reasons that which can be got you banned on WhatsApp.

->Sending bulk messages to unlisted contacts

->Sharing web site URLs and ad links for multiple times each day

->Creating porn & adult-related groups and broadcasts

->Blocking your WhatsApp number by many people

->By uploading content status that is abusive or it should contain adult things.

Sometimes, for a few reasons, WhatsApp may ban you only for some period of time like for 72 hours.

as per this message “WhatsApps have banned my number for 72 hours”, after that the account will be recovered automatically.

So, to avoid getting banned you need to follow WhatsApp rules and rules without violating any terms and conditions that WhatsApp implies.

For violating little rules, the account is banned only for a restricted amount of time which is able to be as a punishment and so it’ll be recovered once completion of the stipulated time.

Did you commit the above mistakes?

Don’t worry, we actually have the most effective trick to resolve from getting out of WhatsApp banned or WhatsApp number banned resolved.

Here are some steps on the way to activate banned WhatsApp.

My WhatsApp number is banned? [Solved]

  1. Just follow the below steps:
  2. Uninstall your existing WhatsApp now
  3. Download and install new update Whatsapp
  4. Enter your number and you’ll see a screenshot like this
  5. Click on “Support” option
  6. Now a contact support kind is displayed like this
  7. Write your problem and add the screenshot of what it’s showing
  8. Don’t forget to add your number
  9. Click “Next” and scroll down
  10. Choose “This does not answer my problem”
  11. Now send a support email using
  12. After 4hrs, check your email inbox. You will get a WhatsApp reply.

Following all the above steps, I’m perfectly sure within 48hrs, your WhatsApp account will get back to normal.

In some cases, it shows a 24hr period for temporary banned.

Still WhatsApp not responding to your reply

For those people who are irritated in getting back WhatsApp account, we are telling the second secret for you.

If you still not getting back your WhatsApp account, it appears to be your number is permanently banned by WhatsApp.

You can use anti-ban WhatsApp applications like GB WhatsApp, Ozzy WhatsApp, etc…These alternatives have many features than the normal one. You can’t exceed more using WhatsApp alternatives.

Most in all probability, I would recommend GB WhatsApp as the first choice.

It is a trustworthy app with a lot of applications on the market since 2015.

You can get easily customize designs and keyboard layouts using GB WhatsApp.


Conclusion: If you’re still saying “WhatsApp banned my number permanently”, then We’d suggest making a replacement ID with the new phone number.

And if you’re a technical person then you have got a geek kind, you’ll “permanently limit from WhatsApp” to resolve this tutorial immediately.

If you have got any bother, let me know your problems within the comment section

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